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Swedish Government threatens to forcibly deport disabled woman

15 September 2020

IFIR Press Release 

Swedish Government threatens to forcibly deport disabled woman

The Swedish authorities have threatened to forcibly deport Ms Hassan back to Iraq.  Ms Hassanis (a
disabled women who uses a wheel chair) applied for asylum in Sweden September 2011 .

Ms Hassan  told IFIR” I had a difficult childhood, my parents separated when I was seven. As a
consequence of the break up of my family I had nowhere to live so was moved around a lot and finally placed  in a shelter for women in Sulaymaniyah,…”

Ms Hassan sent the following massage to IFIR she said ” For more than two
weeks I  have nowhere live,  and am without money and the personal
care and support that I need. I stay with friends in the evenings, but now tonight Monday
14 Sept I will sleep in a car outside Sundsvall municipality in central Sundsvall
I want you to share this video and say to politicians. I Bayan
Hassan need to stay in Sweden I have no family and relatives in Iraq..”

Ms Hassan calls” On all campaigners to condemn the Swedish
government, she calls on the Swedish Prime Minister to give her a home and to
grant her permission to remain in Sweden. 

Ms Hassen continues to suffer as a result of her disability, she had eight operations in Iraq and a further two in Sweden due to her major disabilities.  If Ms Hassan is deported to Iraq, she would be killed for bringing shame on her family. 

Dashty Jamal Secretary of International Federation of Iraqi Refugees (IFIR) said

Forcibly deporting Ms Hassan would contravene the European Court of Human Rights and the Geneva Convention 1951. How can a woman of limited of mobility whose life would be jeopardized in Iraq be deported to a country where she would be worse off and would not have a chance to live a life of safety and security which is possible for her in Sweden. 

We ask Swedish authorities that Ms Hassan’s claim for asylum is granted and she is provided with accommodation as she is currently homeless. This will prevent her life from being put at risk by being deported back to Iraq.


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