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International Federation of Iraqi Refugees Press Release:

28th October 2020

International Federation of Iraqi Refugees Press Release:

UK & French Authorities responsible for the death of children in the English Channel

 On Tuesday a Kurdish family including a fifteen-month-old boy (yet to be found) an eight-year-old child and a six year old were among the people who died when their small boat sank off the coast of Dunkirk in northern France.

According to information from IFIR’s correspondent in France the Iranian Kurdish families from Sardasht with other fifteen refugees were taken to hospital.

Dashty Jamal Secretary of International Federation of Iraqi Refugees-IFIR said French & UK authorities are responsible for the death of the child refugees, as authorities in EU refuse claims for asylum from refugees. People are sent away from these developed countries and are forced back into the ‘jungle’, where they have no choice but to take a risk with their lives and use the small boats of the smugglers to cross the English Channel.  These refugees have escaped war, poverty, and corruption from ruling parties.  They are deprived of any rights living unsafe and insecurely.  They are the victims of a proxy war by the powers in their countries.

Further to this Dashty asks that the EU leaders and UK authorities:

Take action to transfer the refugees from the camp and take equal responsibility in sharing them across European countries; implementing the planned resettlement of refugees in the receiving countries and reintegrate those refugees who have family members in the UK”

Dashty also sent “condolences to the Kurdish family’s friends and family for this sad tragedy”

Our correspondent has reported that there are more than 500 refugees at Dunkirk Port, Northern France from a range of different countries including Kurdistan, Iranian, Iraqi, Afghan, African and Vietnam. The refugees are living in very bad and dangerous conditions in the refugee camps, where they wait to attempt a crossing to the UK.   These refugees include other families, children, women and old people all of whom are forced to live in tents.  An elderly man was taken to the hospital due to the camps horrendous conditions, and tragically died on the 25th October 

In 2019, two Iraqi Kurdish seekers also died attempting to cross the English Channel in an inflatable boat.  The use of dangerous inflatable boats is becoming common use for refugees attempting to cross the Channel.  This is clearly unsafe.  However, unfortunately refugees are willing to take any risk seeking a safe life free from the problems of war and its aftermath that they are escaping from.


For more information please contact IFIR on: 07856032991

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