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Providing safety and security for refugees rescued by the Egyptian Navy

To President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sissi

Dear Mr. President 

                                                                                      Date: 31/11/2020

RE:  Providing safety and security for refugees rescued by the Egyptian Navy 

My name is Dashty Jamal and I am the Secretary of International Federation of Iraqi Refugees (IFIR).  IFIR is a refugee, humanitarian, political and social organisation; we have organised a wide variety of activities in many European countries, Australia, Canada, Kurdistan and Iraq.  For more than 25 years IFIR has helped Kurdish, Iraqi asylum seekers, and other refugees. IFIR also has good relationships with many refugee and political organisations. 

 I am writing you this letter on behalf of the International Federation of Iraqi Refugees (IFIR) regarding the  boat carrying 57 passengers from different nationalities including Iraq, Iran, Turkey, and Egypt that was rescued by the Egyptian Navy. IFIR would like to thanks the Navy for quickly responding to the situation and saving these refugees lives preventing a tragedy from occurring, who have been travelling from Turkey in search for a better life far from their original countries that has kept them feeling unsafe and insecure.

IFIR demands that the 57 passengers are dealt with as refugees rather than just instantly being sent back to their war-torn countries where their lives will be at a huge risk especially in Iran where they will be executed. This comes with the certain political alignment that some of these refugees hold that’ll make them a target for powerful parties in countries such as Iraq and Iran. IFIR would also greatly appreciate that an update is given on the refugees, as their families are extremely worried about their current condition as some haven’t been in contact with their loved ones since before the incident occurred, so it would be great for the families to have a chance to communicate with their families. Finally, IFIR urges that these refugees are treated fairly on a humanitarian basis whereby their rights are taken into consideration to provide them with safest possible solution to allow them to live a life of security and well-being.

I hope this letter finds you in a good place as IFIR appreciates the service that the Navy provided by rescuing all the refugees. To conclude, hopefully the best resolution is found that will keep the refugees in a safe manner far away from their dangerous countries.

 Yours faithfully,

Dashty Jamal

General Secretary of International Federation of Iraqi Refugees (IFIR)

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