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“The defeat of terrorism can only be achived by us”

Dashty Jamal speech on Saturday 1-11-2014 in Trafalgar square at the demonstration in support of Kobani.

 Ladies and gentlemen,

 We are part of great global movement to support Kobani.

It is so great that you are here. It means that your hearts beat with the people in Kobani who want to show ISIS that they will not give up their children. It means that you are with the people who will not surrender, ISIS forces must go over their bodies to take their city.

 You are here to say that the defeat of terrorism can only be achived by us, the working people. It is the duty of our movement which protests daily in cities and work places for equality, prosperity, rights and dignity for all.

 We have witnessed the barbaric beheading of people; many more prisoners were shot dead. The catastrophe of the Yazidi and Christian girls being sold is a big shame in today’s world community.

We have heard from the girls who have survived ISIS how the underage and unmarried were given as gifts to Emirs, were raped and obliged to convert to Islam. Many of these girls were taken from school yard and have being compulsorily undergone Jihad Al-Nikah (sex jihad)- mass rape .

Do you want to see more? Say NO with me: NO!

We cannot only be witnesses. Now the barbaric forces of ISIS have besieged Kobani and imposed a devastating war in the city of Iraq. Hundreds have been killed and thousands have been displaced.

The threat of conquering other areas by ISIS is increasing day after day. We cannot stay silent. This situation concerns us all: we have to show our responsibility towards the future of society and our destiny as human beings.

 The strong resistance of the people of Kobani against ISIS, which drew the attention of the world community, must be supported! We must show we are against this  disaster and against these savage murderers, in the name of political Islam. The black force which practices slavery over women and men,which beheads people and proudly shows these images.

 We are here to say it is not US and its allies, Nato and Turkey and the nationalist parties who can save the people of Kobani. It is us. We must stay in the forefront of this struggle.The People of Kobani deserve a civil government which can guarantee the civil rights of its citizens, equality between men and women and human dignity. This is not the objective of the imperialist forces but it is our own task. We are here to share this task.

Down with ISIS, long live Kobani! 


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