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A campaign action for helping displaced people in Kurdistan

Urgent need for support in Iraq for the displaced Children and women that need your help.

Freedom-loving and humanitarian people! Refugee and humanitarian organisations!  Happy May Day.

ISIS,  a terrorist group, is currently occuping large parts of Iraq.  ISIS have committed crimes against civilians in Mosul, Tikrit, Kirkuk, Ramadi and Fallujah. ISIS committ mass murder wherever they go.

I am sure you are  aware that following the takeover of Mosul, Shengal and other Sunni- inhabited areas by ISIS, and other pro-Arab Nationalism Sunni militias, that the whole area is now facing catastrophe. We have seen the displacement of thousands of  people many of whom are women, children the old and vulnerable.  We have witnessed the barbaric beheading of people, many more prisoners have been murdered. The catastrophe of the Yazidi and Christian girls being sold is a big shame in today’s world community. We have heard from women who have survived ISIS.  How the underage and unmarried ones amongst them were given as gifts to Emirs, raped and obliged to convert to Islam. Many of these girls were taken from school and have compulsorily undergone Jihad Al-Nikah (sex jihad)- mass rape.

There has been a huge spread of ISIS fighters into villages and towns in northern Iraq. Hundreds of thousands of people belonging to religious minorities as well as other groups have been forced to leave their homes and seek refuge.

On the 2nd of August the forces of  Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham ISIS took over Sinjar, in the north of Iraq. Leading to, thousands of civilians from Sinjar and the surrounding area, mainly belonging to the Yezidi community, seeking sanctuary in the Sinjar mountains with little access to food and water. Around 500 women have been kidnapped from Sinjar and more than 200,000 have been displaced. Just two weeks before, on 18 July, a mass departure of Christian families from Mosul took place after ISIS demanded they convert, pay a tax, leave or be killed. Also others, including members of the Shi’a community as well as Sunnis living in the north, fled their homes because they were worried about possible attacks from ISIS. Many of those displaced have sought refuge in the Kurdish Region of Iraq.  More than a million and a half displaced  people are in currently taking refuge in schools and parks. Many do not have enough food, clothes, water and shelter they are in need of our support.

Last year the International Federation of Iraqi Refugees, together with Hana Group, launched a campaign for helping the Syrian displaced. Fortunately, and because of your aid, we were able to supply clothing, milk, shoes and other basic needs for some of the refugees. We ask you now to hear the voices of the teary-eyed children and all the Iraqi displaced. They need your humanitarian embrace. Freedom-loving and humanitarian masses!

 Humanity recognises no ethnic, national or ideological identity. An illness or a natural catastrophe does not know recognise skin colour, language, ethnicity, religion or ideology it affects us all equally. So freedom, prosperity, happiness and safety must be in the forefront of our desires and perspectives. This is the thing that we all need. You who protested against the war against Iraq and took to the streets can now be a support to the victims of this current war and devastation.

 IFIR launches this campaign and we ask that you donate as much as you can – no amount is too small – to help us provide medicine, food, clothing and shelter. IFIR is a grassroots organisation run by its members – we have no paid staff all the money you give will go directly to alleviating the hardship of those in need. We will be happy to show supporters where their money has gone.  Your aid will help the displaced children, the old and disabled people. By helping them, you show that you are with them and care about them.

Dashty Jamal,

On behalf of the International Federation of Iraqi Refugees-IFIR

Abroad, send your donations, with the reference “Displaced” to:

Account name: International Federation of Iraqi Refugees (IFIR)

Account number: 21449591, Bank name: HSBC       Sort code: 40-04-07

Or post your cheques, writing on it: International Federation of Iraqi Refugees (IFIR)

Or use this paypal account, administered (for free) by the Edge Fund:


(Paypal takes a cut so please pay by bank transfer if possible)

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