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An urgent letter to the European Union European Parliament Don’t keep the borders closed to Refugees!

An urgent letter to the European Union

European Parliament Don’t keep the borders closed to Refugees!

  The tragedy of the refugees’ death in group on the borders of Europe and Mediterranean Sea is a direct consequence of the policy of closing the borders to people whose livelihoods and place of residence turned to battlefield, civil war, unrest and insecurity.   

The disaster facing refugees has placed not only a tremendous responsibility upon European governments but also upon democracy, human rights, civil rules and regulations and it’s also considered a great disgrace to European authorities.

The European Union’s reaction so far shown no practical response towards saving the lives of these human beings. The death toll is even in increase.  The influx of refugees from the Middle East and North Africa is increase too. The European countries and the West whilst they always talk about human rights they provided no realistic solution to prevent the wave of death among the refugees. The European countries and America ignore the fact that they are one of the main reasons for the catastrophes led to the refugee’s exodus in the Middle East. The majority of the refugees from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya are victims of direct political, military involvement of the US and European countries. And it is due to their support to these inhuman, repressive, and militias systems in the Middle East which are covered with the dress of democracy. But they are nothing more than nationalist, Islamist, and murderous groups. The system that is run by these groups are taking no responsibilities towards livelihoods of the citizens and in reality they have turned the society into a hell of confrontations and conflicts between different religious, nationalist and Islamic groups such as ISIS. The reality is that they have turned the society politically and economically into an insecure and unsafe society and has left no chance for a decent living. All this is a product of inhuman policies of the ruling political parties.

Therefore, from the position of responsibility upon the death of refugees and catastrophes that move our human conscience every day, we are sending you this letter as you are holding a meeting on 14-9-about the refugee crisis.  We are asking you to deal with this matter from your political and human responsibility and take steps to achieve the followings:

1/ to open the borders to refugees to rescue and protect them from disasters, racist and fascist aggressions.

2/ to prevent the wave of asylum and destitution as this phenomenon depends primarily on putting an end to the fighting and military involvement of the US and West on the one hand and Russia, China and other forces and regimes supporting the two main fronts on the other hand. The European countries and west must give up the policy of supporting the repressive regimes which resulted in social unrest and insecurity.

3/ to condemn the countries supported the ISIS especially Turkish and Saudi regimes and they should be held responsible for their financial and military support to the ISIS and should be questioned too.

4/ to activate the UNHCR, in countries currently encountering war and political ordeal in order to come to the rescue of the refugees and to put pressure on these governments to grant them asylum and support them.

5/ swift steps to be taken to provide, all the people who were displaced and destitute regardless of race and religion due to the war against ISIS, Al-Qaida, and other militia groups, with food, clothes, medical support, and accommodation.

6/ to provide decent and convenient facilities to the refugees to integrate as quickly as possible in the new communities and to take advantage of all social and economic facilities equally.

7/ to support all organizations and associations striving for a secular and progressive system in the Middle East and North Africa.

8/ The European governments to share responsibilities towards meeting the needs of the refugees.

The name of the organizations:

1- Inernational Federation of Iraqi Refugees-IFIR

2- Kurdish and Middle Eastern Woman’s Organization

3- Green Homeland Organization

4- Intemationella Kamp for kvinnors rattigheter Sweden

5- International Federation of Iraqi Refugees-Canada

6-International Federation of Iraqi Refugees- Switzerland

7- Kurdistan Human Rights Association

8-Azmun Organization For Community Development

9-Shar Organization for Human Development

10- Future Organization

11-Worker-communist Party of Kurdistan- Abroad Organisation

12-Iraqi Women’s organization in Helsinki

13-Worker-communist Party of Iraq- Abroad Organisation

14- Council of Iraqi refugees in Helsinki

15- International federation of Iraqi refugees Kurdistan Branch

16- Iraqi Union of Unemployment in Finland

17- Peoples development Organization-PDO

18- Center to defend children rights in Kurdistan

19- Kurdistan construction workers Organization

20- Kurdistan Secular centre 

21-Federation of Workers’ Council and Unions in Iraq

22- Iraqi Refugees organization in Norway 

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