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support The International Federation of Iraqi Refugees

The International Federation of Iraqi Refugees is in urgent need of funds to continue our work.

In the last five years IFIR members who have been deported to Iraq have started to organize there, and have forced the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Iraqi governments to commit to refuse to accept any people forcibly deported back to the region. 

However the UK government and other European governments are applying heavy pressure on the Iraqi and Kurdish governments to accept deportations. We need to continue to push to make this refusal to accept deportations permanent, especially as more people are leaving the countries, either fleeing ISIS or to get away from the corrupt national and regional governments

IFIR is a grassroots, democratic, human rights organization, established in 1993 by Iraqi and Kurdish refugees who fled from the Saddam Hussein’s regime and the consequences of the first gulf war.

We have shown that by campaigning in Europe, Kurdistan and Iraq we can make change to safeguard the lives of refugees. 

However, we need funds to continue. If a few individuals can give a small amount a month, it makes us more sustainable. 

To support our work please give a one-off donation or set up a standing order for a small (or large!) amount each month to our bank. Even just £10 a month could make a big difference.

International Federation of Iraqi Refugees
Bank name: HSBC
Account number: 21449591
Sort code: 40-04-07                                                                                                     .

IFIR is a voluntary organization. All money we receive goes straight into our campaigning and support work. 

Anything you can spare will be greatly appreciated. Please email to let us know if you are to support.

Many thanks

International Federation of Iraqi Refugees-IFIR






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