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  11 Refugees bodies arrived at Erbil International Airport

Amanj Abdulla representative of the Kurdistan branch IFIR confirmed that 11 of the 19 Kurdish victims from the lorry found in Vienna were received in Erbil International Airport.

Further to this he reported that he was informed that there were 71 victims in the lorry of which 19 were Kurdish.  The KRG Department of Foreign Relations transported the victims bodies back to Kurdistan.

IFIR has cooperated with the victims’ families and the KRG Department of Foreign Relations to return their bodies to Kurdistan.

Amanj offered condolences to the victims’ families on behalf of IFIR.

The name of the 11 returned victims:

Ebrahim Hassan Salih. , Aso Hama Salih, Mohammad  Salih Kader, Azad Rahem Ahmad(From Garmyan) Saed Osman Mohammd,Shwan Jamal Hussen, sardasht Mohammad Ebrahim, Abull xalq Mohammad Ebrahim,( From Sulamaniya). Alen Hazim Gili,Aland Hazim Gili,Hersh Gili Ali(From Dhok)

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