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‌ Don’t let our Children be a victims of your War Human rights are Universal


Demonstration held in Sulaymaniyah in support of refugees

On Sunday 13 September the following organizations International Federation of Iraqi refugees kurdistan branch , Center to defend children rights in Kurdistan and Kurds refugee council in Suleymaniyah held a Demonstration at mid-day in barika camp in Sulaymaniyah. The demonstration was attended by the refugees held in the camp.

Dashty Jamal secretary of IFIR opened the demonstration with one minutes silence for the refugees who had died in tragic journeys and also those killed by ISIS.

Dashty Jamal spoke about the refugee crisis and the situation of the refugees in the camps surrounding Syria.  He called on European governments to open their borders in order to prevent more deaths.

Following Dashty’s speech Salar Mahmood a member of Kurdistan Parliament, Houzan Afran and Sheraz Hafearo also spoke about the situation of the refugees and said that the UNHCR are responsible for the death of refugees. At the end of the demonstration we handed a letter to UNHCR

The slogans of the demonstrators were: –

‘save our children’

`UNHCR responsible for the deaths of refugees`

‘refugee rights are human rights’.

UNHCR ignoring core mandate – not helping refugees resettle, ‌

Human right are Universal,

UNHCR must help refugees resettle,

UNHCR leaving refugees in crisis, Refugees are fleeing, while UNHCR are watching,

Refugees need action not words from UNHCR,

Refugees abandoned by UNHCR, UNHCR abandoning refugees

IFIR representative with Salar Mahmood a member of Kurdistan Parliament on behalf of the refugees in a Barika Camp held a meeting with Mr Marco Rotunno Camp Management Manager from International Rescue Committee. We talked about the situation of refugees in the camp including the recent outbreak of Cholera and the bad situation.

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