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25,000 citizens have abandoned Kurdistan heading towards Europe

Press Conference holds in Erbil City.

The press conference composed of IFIR, Department of Foreign Relations, Department of Migration & Displaced of Kurdistan Regional Government and Human Rights Organization.

Shadan Abdelkarim  from the Department of Migration and displaced people from Kurdish region introduced the projects aims of:

To return all the dead bodies of refugees who have perished on their journeys to Europe.

To seek to find the refugees reported missing by their families.

To visit all the detention centre’s which hold Kurdish refugees.

Further to this she named the organizations who have led the project: International Federation of Iraqi Refugees-IFIR, Department of Foreign Relations of   the Kurdistan Regional Government,  Department of Migration & Displaced of  the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and Human Rights organization.

The next speaker was Dashty Jamal secretary of IFIR.  Dashty said the aims of the project had been goals of IFIR for many years. In particular it was important to visit the many Kurdish people imprisoned in Greece and Turkey and other European detention centres.

For the project to be successful it must be funded and supported by the Kurdish Regional Government.

Dashty reported that in the last four months 25,000 people among these refugees are graduates, teachers and families. This exodus is a result of the result of people losing hope in the KRG’s ability to provide a secure future in Kurdistan.

The press Conference was held in Choar Chra  Hotel in Erbil.

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