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UKBA starting deportation to Iraq

Ali Kareem from centre of IRC The Verne, Portland, Dorset detention centre contacted IFIR to report that he has been given a ticket to be returned to Iraq  on 23 October 2015 .  Ali has been given a ticket from Royal Jordanian airlines to be flown to Amman and then onto Baghdad.  

Ali said”I came to the UK in December 2012 to do my MSc degree in Teesside University. I achieved my degree in 2014. In August 2014, my family was threatened and then was attacked by militias and now they are displaced. Also the threat included me as I was wanted by militias. I don’t want to go back. It is not safe for me in Iraq”

Ali said “I made an application for asylum and my application was refused. Then I made an appeal at court but my case was dismissed. In the refusal both the home office and the judge stated that I could go and live in Baghdad ignoring the fact that the militias in Iraq at the present time control everything in the country and they could find me easily in any place in Iraq. I believe my name and details are now held at all the air ports and once I get deported they would arrest me at the airport and I will definitely face death.  

I came to the UK to study and I achieved my degree. Also I spent more than 20,000 pounds to cover my fees and living. If I had planned to stay in the UK I would have applied for asylum on the day I arrived.

Dashty Jamal Secretary of the IFIR said”ISIS occupy nearly one third of Iraq and the government has lost its control over the country. The role of the militias and ISIS is becoming more active and Brutal. The decision to resume deportations at this time is against all principles of Human Rights.  The UKBA must stop forcible deportation.

.IFIR ask that trade unionists and everyone who values human rights to write letters to the UK Home Office supporting IFIR’s campaign to release Ali Kareem and all Iraqi’s currently held in detention and immediately stop all deportations to Iraq.

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