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1 March Calais solidarity demonstration

On the 1 March at 19.30 activists gathered outside the French institute to protest  regarding the treatment of refugees in Calais. Amongst the activists was Dashty Jamal secretary of IFIR Dashty made an impromptu speech regarding events in the Middle East which has led many of refugees to flee their homes. Dashty told of the terrible conditions in the refugee camps that has led many to make the dangerous journey across Europe.  Following Dashty’s speech the crowd started chanting slogans condemning the French authorities attacks on the refugees in Calais.  At the end of the demonstration activists marched round the French Institute.  The demonstration finished at 9pm. IMG_3788 (1)

IFIR slogans was:

Stop attacking refugees in jungle

Shame on France and EU for letting refugees live in Stone Age conditions

Refugees in Calais are victims of  war & barbarism




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