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IFIR Urgent action

5 000 civilians in the town of Al –khazer Trapped between Daesh  and Shia militias, known as the Popular Mobilisation Units (PMUs) or Hashd al-Shaabi.  

The ongoing proxy and direct wars that the imperialist powers  US and Russia and their regional allies are waging on Iraq and Syria  has caused immeasurable carnage, destruction and human suffering.  In 2014 ISIS overran large parts of Iraq including Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city.  Thousands of Iraqis remain in desperate need of shelter as ISIS continues their violent assault.  Iraq is already struggling to cope with a humanitarian crisis 3.4 million People including 1.5 million children, have been forced from their homes.  Approximately 850,000 have sought refuge in the Kurdish region of Iraq, joining 250,000 Syrian refugees.

On 17TH of October international forces headed by the USA, Peshmerga, Militias of Shea declared war on Mosul under the banner of “liberating Mosul and defeating ISIS”.  More than a million innocent people are now militarily besieged.  Civilians are faced with bombardment or becoming hostages and human shields of ISIS.  Since the war started on Mosul more than 79 thousand people have fled according to the Red Cross in Kurdistan. Progressive and human loving people worldwide should stand up to state terrorism, Daesh and all Islamic terrorists. They are the only force that can put an end to the endless cycle of terror in the Middle East.   

According to reports from the Mayor of Al Khazer (a town on the outskirts of Mosul) 5,000 civilians are trapped between ISISand Hashd al shaabi without access to clean water, food and medicine.  

Please support our call on the Iraqi Government and Kurdistan Regional Government to immediately:

  •  Release and create a safe passage of escape for all civilians caught between ISIS and Hashd al-Shaabi;

  • Provide shelter, food water and medical supplies to the trapped civilians of Al Khazer;

  •  Demand the United Nations and other humanitarian organizations take full responsibility to support all the civilians of Mosul.

Please write to the Iraqi Government and KRG representative in your country addressed to:

Prime Minister Republic of Iraq

Haider Al Abadi  

Email: iraqigov@yahoo.com


Twitter: @HaiderAlAbadi

KRG UK Representation,

Lower Ground Floor,

23 Buckingham Gate

London, SW1E 6LB

Fax: 0207 828 0257

Email info@uk.krg.org

Please send a copy of all solidarity messages to :ifir@hotmail.co.uk

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