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European leaders and Greek Authorities Responsible for the death of child and Woman Moria camp at Lesvos 

On Thursday 24th of November a fire broke out in a refugee camp in Moria in the Greek Island of Lesvos a women 66 and child 6 years old died and a child 4 years old and a women 30 were very badly injured and were transferred to Athens Hospital. The fire was apparently started accidently when the gas cooking stove exploded in the family’s tent whilst they were cooking.  The fire spread quickly. 

Following the tragic fire, riot police arrived at the scene.  Violence erupted between refugees and police following  a rumor that the explosion was caused by a bomb angered the migrants.  

The fire spread so quickly and destroyed the tents were the camp residents lived.  As a consequence of the fire many people were forced to sleep out in the open

A-M  a refugee from Mosul said ”we tried to escape war and viloence by crossing the sea to save our children.  We have been placed in this camp in awful conditions where our children get killed. We have been living in this camp for 7 months. We are living in very bad conditions.”

 Moria was  a Military base and is extremelyover crowded, approxamitely 5,000 people are currently living in the camp but the facility is designed to hold only 2,000.

Dashty Jamal Secretary of International Federation of Iraqi Refugees-IFIR said European leaders and  the authorities in Greece are responsible for the death of the child and Woman in the camp of Moria.  The refugees living in Moria have escaped war, they are the victims of a proxy war by the big powers in their countries, direct wars that the imperialist powers US, Russia and their regional allies are waging on Iraq and Syria  has caused immeasurable carnage, destruction and human suffering.  They are putting themselves at risk, by crossing minefields and dangerous seas”

Dashty also said treating refugees by Greece and EU asylum Support so badly and playing with their lives and their rights will not be accepted by Human Rights groups and humanitarian movements even in your own countries”

Dashty is asking that the EU leaders and Greek authorities:

must take action to transfer the refugees from the camp and take equal responsibility in sharing them across European countries;  implementing theplanned resettlement of refugees in the receiving countries and ending the Turkey, Greece and EU agreement of returning refugees to Turkey” ….


For more information please contact IFIR on: 07856032991

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