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IFIR Iraq Weekly Press Release: Internally Displaced Families(IDFs) in crossfire between ISIS and Shi’a Militias

10th February 2017. 

Tens of thousands of Internally Displaced Families (IDFs) are caught in the crossfire between ISIS and the Shi’a MilitiasThe IDFs want to return back to their homes after the defeat of ISIS.  They say that they have been prevented from doing so, and have been held and subjected to questioning for long periods that could range from a few days to months. These families include elderly; women and children They suffer greatly  due to waiting for so long with out proper shelters and much needed facilities. 

Despite the fact that deals have been reached with the local authorities of the cities where the IDFs are held, these not been implemented. The IDFs who are classified as Sunni accuse the Shi’a Militia of not allowing them access to their cities such as Salahaddin, Anbar and Kirkuk.

Security procedures at the checkpoints do not allow the IDFs to enter their cities unless they have a “sponsor” who is well known by the local authorities and will act as a guarantor ( Kafil) for the displaced IDFs. A member of these families said that “Hashd forces are not allowing us to return nor are they leaving our areas,”  

While Al-Hashd Al-Shabi, the Shi’a Militias justify this intensive screening as a method of ensuring the IDFs are not members of ISIS disguised. 

For this reason, IFIR believes that the lives of the three millions and half IDFs who are under continuous threat should be placed in protected shelters. Those willing to go back home should be able to do so to recommence their life away from fighting groups. This should be a priority for both the government of Iraq and all international organisations. 

We extend our call to all human rights organisations in particular those who support refugees to exert pressure to ensure an access is secured for all those willing to go back to their cities. 

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