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The Federation hosted a meeting to celebrate the work of Bahar Munzir

As part of their International Women’s day celebration the Federation hosted a seminar for Bahar Munzir, co-ordinator of the People Development Organisation and board member of the Kurdistan secular centre (KSC) on Wednesday 15 March at the Institute of Education, London.   

Bahar discussed the plight of Yazedi women who have been kidnapped and raped by ISIS.  She talked of the work she had undertaken to help those who had escaped from ISIS.  Germany has taken 1,200 Yazedi women victims of ISIS. She also talked about campaigning to support the many women and children displaced by the ongoing fighting in Mosul.  Bahar spoke of the many campaigns she had worked on with the Hana Group and Kurdistan IFIR branch to support displaced women and children in refugee camps.   She also talked about the different projects People Development Organisation had organised in refugee camps across Kurdistan.

At the end of the seminar Bahar answered questions from the attendees.  The seminar was viewed live by 2,000 people on line.

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