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Saturday 18 March Stand up Against Racism Demonstration’s across the UK

30,000 people joined the London Stand up Against Racism demonstration (thousands more marched in Glasgow and Cardiff) from Portland Place to Parliament square protesting about the UK government’s refusal to admit unaccompanied child refugees and Donald Trump’s Executive order stopping citizens of 7 countries entering America.The Demonstration was lively and vibrant.  The demonstration was joined by PCS Samba Band and the Stand up Against Racism lorry hosting DJ’sDemonstrators chanted the following: No to Trump, No to Muslim ban, No to racism, Stop racist attacks, Unite and fight, Unite to end racism, Refugees are welcome here, migrants make the NHS.

Dashty Jamal secretary of International Federation of Refugees was one of the many speakers at the vibrant opening rally of the ‘Stand Up Against Racism’ demonstration at Portland Place.  Dashty stated in his speech:

 `Let us destroy all borders and make Europe once again a land embracing Humanity and freedom`

To read Dashty’s full speech please see  link to the IFIR website: www.federationifir.com

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