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“Let us destroy the borders and make Europe once again a land embracing humanity and freedom”.

Dashty Jamal Secretary of IFIR spoke at opening rally of 18 March Demonstration “stand up Against Racism in London

I would like to thank you all for coming here today to protest at the treatment of refugees. People whose only crime is to flee a war zone to look for a safe place to raise their families must not be treated in this way. We are here today to tell the government you are responsible for what happens in the Middle East and North Africa. Imagine your home is under daily bombardment; that your town is under the control of ISIS or Boko Haram’s tribal and barbaric rules. Imagine if your children were kidnapped and sold as slaves, what would you do?   Refugees do not have any other choice but to take their children and runaway.  

We are here today to tell Theresa May and Donald trump that you are leading  governments, which are responsible for what has happened and still happens in the Middle East. Remember 14 years ago when the USA and uk state started the war on Iraq. You are destroying a society and now your war and bombarding in Syria and Iraq has nothing to do with ISIS. It is an imperialist war between America and Russia each attempting to increase their stakes in the oil rich Middle East. 

  Our movement is part of working class fight to build a better human society. Theresa May wants to divide us on the basis of race, nationality and religion.  It has put the working class around the world in a war of inequality, confronting each other. The civilized humanity in Europe, North America and worldwide has proved that racism and fascism will not find a voice if a united progressive front is established.

We need our voice to be heard.  Let us make this day the beginning of a new era of equal citizenship defending the right of escaping refugees. Let us destroy the borders and make Europe once again a land embracing humanity and freedom. Let us begin here to build a strong movement, to put the Governments of the world under pressure to stop war, under the slogan we are all citizens of the world, we want a world without borders

Let us also unite against Trump’s racist policies! Within days of becoming president, Donald Trump signed an executive order that banned refugees from seven countries from entering the US under the pretext of “protecting national security”. 

 This executive order signed by Trump is a reflection of Trump’s racist ethics. This order comes amid a growing racist campaign by a faction of the bourgeoisie in Europe, and North America against refugees under the banner of “war on terror”

 Donald Trump is the leader of the right wing Republican Party he is from the same tradition of Marine Le Pen.  Theresa May and supporters of Brexit in Britain are other examples of these racist policies.  All these personalities and forces are united within the framework of a broad global right-wing campaign against basic human rights.

Donald trump has become the symbol of fascist and racist movements in the West. The war declared by Trump’s administration on Islamic terrorism is in fact a war on refugees.

 Previous American administrations have supported Islamic terrorist groups and the countries that sponsored these groups like Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

The new US administration treats refugees and immigrants inhumanely at a time when it turns a blind eye to the crimes committed by Saudi Arabia and Turkey that lead the global Islamic terrorism and gave birth to ISIS, Al-Qaida and other terrorist Islamic groups.  

Trump cannot end terror through policies against refugees.  The masses of people in Iraq, Syria and Yemen are the  victims of terrorism: Both the US state terrorism and Islamic terrorism which has flourished as a result of direct support from the West in the region.

This measure by Trump will not end terror it will help it thrive and encourage racist, religious conflicts. The entire tragic conditions imposed on the people of Middle East and Africa are the direct result of US policies, its wars and its support of the reactionary and terrorist forces in the region for over half a century. It is a lie, to claim that this order will reduce terrorism. Mass protests across American cities are a rejection of these racist policies. Civilized humanity in Europe, North America has proved that racism and fascism will not find a footling if a united progressive front is established.

 Donald trump travel ban is happening at the same time as we are seeing the daily tragedy of civilians in Africa being forced out of their villages desperately looking for food.  At the same time civilians fleeing Mosul are caught between ISIS militants and Iraqi troops, are also dying for lack of food and medical aid. The right to travel, work and look for a secure place to live are basic human rights. It is important that we build a progressive front which defends the rights of refugees and immigrants that defeats Trump’s and right wing European racist policies.

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