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IFIR press release: Iraqi asylum seekers refuse interviews by Iraqi embassy in detention centre

5April 2017

Twelve Iraqi asylum seekers in Colnbrook detention centre contacted IFIR this morning they said we were called by an immigration officer into an interview with three Iraqi officials and one UKBA official, but we refused to meet the Iraqi officials.

Mr B one of refugees said “I told him you are my enemy I don’t want to talk to you I am a victim of your war and violence in Iraq.  I have lost all my family in Iraq I have nothing to say to you”.

Mr M said the UKBA official said to me “why don’t want to meet the Iraqi officials they have come to talk to you to try to trace your family in Iraq before you are forcibly deported”.

Dashty Jamal Secretary of IFIR said” This is unacceptable the UKBA has clearly made an agreement with the Iraqi Government and is making deals with the lives of these victims who are refugees.  The UK Government are clearly seeking to legitimise their agreement with Iraqi Government.  The UKBA want to avoid responsibility for this action by blaming the Iraq officials”

Dashty also said “Theresa May with this inhuman rights policy wants to appease her racist supporters but does not want to take responsibility for what she has done in this shameful deal with the Iraqi Government. We call on all human rights organisations and freedom loving people to stand with us to stop this agreement and to cease this plan to forcibly deport Iraqi refugees”


END: for more information please contact IFIR on 07720291516


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