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IFIR press release: UKBA continue deporting Iraqi asylum seekers to Baghdad

3May 2017

Qaranman Amin Iraqi Refugee from Kirkuk arrived in the UK 2003 (13 years) has been threatened with being forcibly deported tomorrow on Turkish air line flight .TK1972 from Heathrow TN2 at 18:00hrs.

Mr Amin told IFIR “I have a 22 Month Daughter who is being looked after by her mum in Peterborough”

 More than 50 Iraqi’s and Kurdish people have been arrested and are being held in different detention centres across the UK. Many of those held in the UK have been resident in the UK for ten to fifteen years and have UK wives, partners and children. To separate them from their families and friends contravenes the Geneva Convention and Human Rights Act.  It is not be acceptable!

These deportations follow a deal made between the Iraqi Government and UKBA.  However following IFIR contacting Iraqi MP’s on the 26 April 2017, 104 members of the Iraqi Parliament have signed a resolution to urge the federal government of Iraq to refuse to accept forcible deportation flights from Europe.   

On the 11 April Araz Ismael was deported on a Royal Jordanian air line.  Araz was handcuffed and placed in the toilet for 5 hours. Following an IFIR Campaign publicizing Araz’s deportation the UKBA are now using Turkish airlines to forcibly deport Iraqi’s.

IFIR calls on all human and refugee right organizations, trade unions and freedom loving people to stop forcible deportations to Iraq and to not let the UKBA and Iraqi government play with the lives of Iraqi victims.

END: for more information please contact IFIR on 07720291516 

International Federation of Iraqi Refugees-IFIR

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