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Press Release 7 May 2017   Assan Yaba Assan from Mosul was not deported yesterday

Assan Yaba Assan from Mosul was not deported yesterday

 Following IFIR’s appeal on the 5 May for people to call Turkish airlines demanding that they do not deport Assan.  Assan’s 6 May deportation ticket was cancelled.  IFIR would like to thank everyone who called Turkish airlines with special thanks to Corporate Watch and all organisations and individuals who published our appeal. However Assan is still held in Colnbrook Detention centre with many other Iraqi’s.  Four of whom have been given Turkish airline tickets to be deported in May.

 Dashty Jamal Secretary of IFIR “Thank you for your support.   We ask that you continue to look out for further appeals for those threatened with deportation, until the shameful agreement between Iraq and the UK to deport people back to Iraq is abolished. Only yesterday America and their allies again bombarded a school killing more than 8 civilians, injuring many more.  Leading to the displacement of many more people in Mosul.”

 Annmarie Doksani Assan’s partner said IFIR “Many thanks to all supporters.  On the night of the 5th I couldn’t sleep or eat I was so stressed.  I however still need your help to ensure Assan is released”.

in a good way, I’m not eating or sleeping, I have lost a lot of weight since he was detained also self-harming, because he’s my everything. I ask from the bottom of my heart to please help me and stop the deportation.

Please call Turkish Airlines on 020 7471 6666 to demand that they cancel all tickets sold to UKBA to deport Iraqi refugees.

For more information please contact International Federation of Iraqi 
Refugees (IFIR) on 07856032991ifir@hotmail.co.uk.

See IFIR website for more on the round-up and deportations of Iraqi 
refugees now taking place: http://www.federationifir.com/en/

Further contact details for Turkish Airlines:

Turkish Airlines London office:
149 Hammersmith Road, Lyric House, W14 0QL

London office email:


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