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London attacked by Terrorists

Last night once again Islamic Terrorists blinded by hate and prejudice have carried out a horrific attack on the people of London killing 7 people and  injuring a further 50 people. This is the third terror attack to happen in the UK in the last three months.

The terrorists drove a white van into pedestrians at London Bridge. Following this awful attack the terrorists jumped out of the van carrying 12 inch knives, eye witness account tell of them kicking and stomping over the people they had just run down, from the scene of their crime they ran to the nearby bars and restaurants of Borough Market randomly stabbing anyone who crossed their path.

 Islamic terrorists do not differentiate between the people of Europe or the Middle East.  They murder indiscriminately anyone who does not share their ideology from Christians in Egypt to murdering innocent people in Baghdad, Kabul, Syria, Paris, Belgium and the UK.  Their aim is to divide us.  Civilised people from across the world regardless of colour and faith must join together and stand against their barbarous acts. These terrorist attacks encourage the people supporting racism and right wing parties to discriminate against people and divide us.

Political Islam is itself a product of the policy of Europe and the US in East.  Political Islam is an inseparable part of the power in this region. It is used in every social aspect, in education, law-making, social culture and so on. The US and Western states know this fact but they don’t combat it. On the contrary, they classified Islam as moderate and extremist and under the name of democracy they supported political Islam and its groups just to fulfil their strategy in the East.  Neglecting secularism and equal rights for citizens and dividing the Eastern societies by ethnic and sectarian groups is a part of their multiculturalism policy.  This has been another factor and even background for ISIS to emerge. The policy of the USA and European states against asylum seekers and refugees is another factor to push young people to join ISIS.
Progressive and human loving people worldwide should stand up to the state terrorism of these powers as well as Daeesh and other Islamic terrorists. Progressive people are the only force that can put an end to this endless cycle of terror in the Middle East, as well as the current attacks in European countries. It is the duty of the working class movement and civil humanity to stop terrorism. It is time to stand up and ask those who support political Islam to stop, and also stop intervening in the Middle East.

IFIR condemns this horrendous attack in London and expresses our sadness at this slaughter of innocent people.  At this sad time we offer our solidarity and condolences to the families of those affected by this cowardly attack.

International Federation of Iraqi Refugees-IFIR

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