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Refugees are victims of war, terror and destruction   on World refugee day

On world refugee day, 20-06-2017, we call on all freedom loving people and organisations defending the rights of refugees to stand up against the terrible conditions that refugees face are facing across Europe.  Let us look at the factors causing people to flee their homes and become refugees. Today’s world which is swinging between war, Islamic terrorism and international terrorism has created a state of fear and feeling of insecurity across the world. The fundamentalism of these two forces has barbarically touched the lives of millions of innocent people.

With the aim of changing the balance of power, expanding their territories, re-dividing the world and the markets of fortune. The USA has unleashed wars that have forced people to leave their homes. They have demolished the civilisation of countries across the Middle East and Africa, turning schools, hospitals, train stations and restaurants into battlefields of terrorist activities. That have forced so many to flee their homes, and resulted in millions of refugees trying to escape the ongoing crises by risking their lives crossing dangerous seas seeking safety and security.  . After coping with all these difficulties, suffering all sorts of atrocities, they hope for a chance to get their lives back in a European country.  Instead refugees are faced with the fenced borders of European countries.  

Sixty Six years have passed since the Geneva Convention was introduced in 1951. Countries signing this treaty have not only closed their eyes to the articles of the treaty, they have sought to change and narrow down the rules and fundamental rights protecting refugees.

The refugees are victims of the conflicting war policy of the imperialist forces of USA, Russia and Europe with the aim of controlling the Markets and their fortunes. Furthermore, they are not admitting the terrible outcomes of their actions. They have instead made many more obstacles for the fleeing refugees forced into risking the lives of their families and children, crossing seas in an attempt to find safety. According to the statistics of the Head of the international refugee agency: 1700 refugees have died crossing the sea and in the last 5 months, 64 thousand refugees have reached the borders of European countries.  In the last year alone 230 thousand refugees have registered at the borders of European countries.  On one hand European countries have closed their borders and used troops to control their borders. On the other hand, the refugees are kept in tents and plastic houses in jungles and military camps.

In the camps the refugees are tortured; crimes against refugees have been recorded. Apart from all of this, the unbearable situation in the camps has left many of the refugees with psycho problems. On Samos Island 12 refugees have committed suicide. Not to mention the policy of deportation and holding the refugees in detention centers. 

European Governments have made the refugee crisis an excuse and accuse the refugees of attacking fundamental civilised rules of the Europeans. Each one of them blames the refugees for their own fatal crisis and each one of them seeks to reduce the number of refugees they take in. They have started a meaningless propaganda war against refugees stating that the refugees are the reason for the lack of jobs and cuts to services. Terrorist attacks are seen as if they have been carried out by the refugees. Thus, they are making the fire of racism, disgusting and disrespecting of refugees.

However the power of freedom loving people across the world. The power of millions of the Left wing groups and the workers are able to be the force to change and redirect the mission to serve the security and the coexistence of society. 

  • So let us unite on World Refugee Day against terrorist forces.

  • Let us step on the ground to stop the military scandals and the destruction of the Middle East, to stop the policy of supporting the Islamist extremists. 

  • Let us, for the sake of providing freedom, social peacefulness and secularity and a prosperous life in Middle Eastern countries, stand in the face of America, Russia and European countries.

  • Let us, at the same time, on world refugee day,  work hand in hand to change the European rules in the benefit of providing prosperity, freedom, equality and ending the policy of degrading. Let us, in this horrifying state of war, terror, destruction and human massacre, show another image of Humanity and Humanitarian aids. 

  • Let us draw the curtain of degrading, suspension and marginalization to give peace back to our society. Let us bury terror and terrorism which is against the nature of humankind and our current civilised community.

International Federation of Iraqi Refugees.

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