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Cc: Romania Embassy in Baghdad Iraqi and Kurdish asylum seekers Detention centre in Arad camp

Date: 26/09/2017

To Romania Authority

Cc: Romania Embassy in Baghdad

Iraqi and Kurdish asylum seekers Detention centre in Arad camp

Dear Sir / Madam,

 I am writing from the International Federation of Iraqi Refugees regarding  256 Iraqi and Kurdish asylum seekers who has been deteaned in Arad camp in Romanis and living in a very bad condition .

They have been detained since August 2017.  They told IFIR “We can only leave our cells and walk in the corridor one to two hours a day. We are denied access to outside walks, to the TV, we cannot be sent money from our families using Western Union. We are systematically given the same food over and over again. We have no access to a doctor. If one of us falls sick, we are helpless. Right now, many of us suffer from skin problems, it’s hitchy, it’s painfull, but nobody is taking care of us”

They also told IFIR “In our group there are a women and children . our husband was beating and assaulted “ they told by Romania Authority “you have three option or choosing deportation ,stating in a present or asking for asylum”

We are from International  Federation of Iraqi Refugees (IFIR)  demanding Romanian Authority to :

  1. Urgent release all Iraqi and Kurdish asylum seekers from Arad detention centre.

  2. Respect the right of Refugees and treat them as a human been .

  3. Enquire as and information the list of Iraqi and Kurdish asylum seekers because their family are extremely worried about them.  

We can be contacted at the address below or 07701421416 or at ifir@hotmail.co.uk.

We hope that you take this matter seriously and promptly take action. 



 Kind Regards,

Dashty Jamal

Secretary of International Federation of Iraqi Refugees-IFIR



The International Federations of Iraqi Refugees has predicted the regressive trend of ther era, warned against its destructive effects on people’s lives at various junctures, clarified the practical ways in which to resist, and been at the forefront of the struggle for defending human values and refugee rights. Our starting point in the struggle for refugee rights as ever has always been the inalienable right of human beings to a better life. The effort and struggle to secure free and equal rights is an ongoing vast social movement with various dimensions and forms. Our philosophy of existence and daily activities are connected to ther very struggle to secure and guarantee the rights of human beings. We believe, first and foremost, in the unconditional freedom of travel and movement and freedom to choose one’s place of residence for all. Furthermore, we believe that eliminating the calamities of today’s world is linked to the abolition of capitalism, a system that reproduces poverty, hunger, war and flight on a daily basis for billions of people and owes its survival to these very social inequalities. Until the refugee question remains, however, we are duty-bound to continue our struggle to secure and guarantee the most extensive refugee rights.   






Website: http://www.federationifir.com

Main Branch- London:

Tel: 44(0) 7856032991+44(0)7720291516 

Kurdistan details:

Tel:00964(0)770724343 & 07701421416



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