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Urgent action by Labour Party against Turkish attack on Afrin

Dear John and Jeremy, 30 January 2017

I am writing to you on behalf of the International Federation of Iraqi Refugees (IFIR). I hope you are both well. The International Federation of Iraqi Refugees fully supports you in your

recent struggles within the Labour Party.
I am writing to you today to bring your attention to the recent attack on the city of Afrin by the far.

The city of Afrin is part of the autonomous region of Rojava. The

Turkish Govenment.

323,000 civilians of Afrin are at risk. The bombing and ground attack by Turkey has led to thousands of people being displaced; dozens of people have been killed and wounded so

The attack on Afrin is not as Turkey claims to defeat terrorism or to protect its borders; it is

not about the PKK; it is not about direct national policies as Afrin is located in northern Syria

many miles from Turkey. Following the decline of Turkey’s power in the region, in particular

the failure of its policies towards Syria. Turkey is aiming to play a role in reshaping the balance of power in the region. The attack on Afrin comes in this context and is within the framework of clear international consensus, especially between Russia and Turkey.

IFIR believes the repercussions of the Turkish attack will lead to the creation of conflicts and

the settling of new accounts between the various regional and local forces in the region.

Each of those forces and states are competing with each other for the sake of taking part and remaking the political and economical formula of the area in Syria. This will ultimately lead to more destroying, more killing of civilians ultimately leading to more refugees running away from the country. This attack on Afrin which is being led by Turkey and its followers is

not only leading to the people of Afrin facing a humanistic disastrous problem, but also makes the bad situation of war and the damages which is being forced on Syrian people,

wider and longer.

Johnson have said that Turkey has the right to “make its

borders secure” and that the UK and Turkey have a shared goal of “reducing violence”. It is

shameful that the US calls for “restraint” and that France states it is “worried”! At the same

time as the people of Afrin are under attack.

The Conservative Party and Boris


Large Demonstrations against Turkey’s attack on Afrin have taken place in many cities

across the world, including European countries and countries across the region including

Istanbul, Iraq, Kurdistan. The reactions of the governments of America, UK, France and

European countries to the attack on Afrin are disgusting. Events show clearly that security,

IFIR: .CONTACT:00447856032991, 0041788532004,009647701421416 ifir@hotmail.co.uk www.federationifir.com 07895636633 , 009647707524343,

stability, peace and uprooting the roots of terrorism and terrorists are the work of the working


We call on you to:

  

  •   Call on Turkey to stop the military action on Afrin

  •   immediately recall all Turkish military from Afrin
    We look forward to hearing from you on this important issue.

    Best Regards

    Dashty Jamal
    Secretary of International Federation of Iraq Refugees-IFIR

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