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Iraq has issued an obligation to avoid compulsory deportations.

11 April 2018

IFIR Press Release

This time last year 104 Iraqi MP’s signed a resolution against accepting forcibly Deported Iraqi Refugees from Europe following a campaign led by IFIR.  At that time it was not enough to stop forcibly deported refugees being returned to Iraq.  IFIR continued campaigning and today the Iraqi ministry of foreign affairs has introduced guidance avoiding the compulsory deportation of Iraqi refugees in European countries.

The Iraqi Government asks its embassies abroad not to issue any passports for those who are not attending their offices in person. 

Amin Bakir, one of Goran’s Iraqi MPs told “Awene” that the Iraqi ministry of foreign affairs has issued an obligation, in which all Iraqi embassies are instructed not to reissue any passports for anyone without the person’s attendance at their Offices. 

“Awene” was told by the above mentioned MP, that after gathering votes to issue a decree in Parliament to stop the compulsory deportations of the Iraqi refugees,

They have informed the ministry of foreign affairs, that some European countries in addition to the organizations helping refugees and security forces in those countries are committing an illegal inhuman act of compulsory deportation of Iraqi refugees.

The organizations inform the Iraqi embassies that the refugees want to go back to Iraq and need passports while they are arrested, and detained in prisons and of which they have no idea. 

Therefore and based on our demand has the foreign ministry obliged the embassies to stop issuing passports without having the person attending their office. 

Furthermore, in the obligation, a copy of which the Goran MP has published, is mentioned that the embassies must be sure that the person wants to go back to Iraq and only then may they reissue the passport 

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Please the link of the news publishing in Awene independent website in Iraqi Kurdistan:http://www.awene.com/2018/04/04/83657/

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