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Detained Iraqi refugees speak out against treatment by UK and Iraqi government collaboration

Twenty Iraqi refugees currently detained in Colnbrook immigration detention centre are demanding they be released from conditions they describe as “worse than prison”.

In a statement sent to the International Federation of Iraqi Refugees they say:

“The Iraqi Embassy is collaborating with the Home Office to send people with strong family ties in the UK to a war zone. The British government is keeping us as prisoners.

We are being held against our will because the Iraqi Embassy has said they would like to see us. The British government didn’t need to lock us up for the sake of an interview. We would have gladly attended ourselves.

People have families and children here and the Home Office are suggesting that a family life can continue through Skype and video calls, which is completely wrong and demoralising.

The Home Office cannot guarantee our safety so how can they expect us to go back to Iraq?”

 This month alone nine Iraqi Kurds have been forcibly deported to Baghdad. More than 30 Iraqis and Kurdish people have been arrested and are being held in different detention centres across the UK. Many of those held in the UK have been resident in the UK for ten to fifteen years and have UK wives, partners and children.

 These deportations follow a deal made between the Iraqi Government and UKBA. However following IFIR contacting Iraqi MP’s on the 26 April 2017, 104 members of the Iraqi Parliament have signed a resolution to urge the federal government of Iraq to refuse to accept forcible deportation flights from Europe.

IFIR calls on all human and refugee right organizations, trade unions and freedom loving people to stop forcible deportations to Iraq and to not let the UKBA and Iraqi government play with the lives of Iraqi victims.

Take Action

Please write to the UKBA, Home Secretary Sajid Javid:

2 Marsham Street, London

E-mail to:  public.enquiries@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk ,
privateoffice.external@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk or  Fax: 020 7035 4745

Post to: Home Secretary Sajid Javid:

2 Marsham Street, London

Please also support our campaign by writing to the UK’s Home Secretary asking her to:

  • Immediately halt these deportations

  • End the UK’s deportation agreement with the Iraqi Government

  • Immediately release all Iraqi refugees held in detention in the UK

  • Give all Iraqis in the UK refugee status.

    Contact details:

    The Home Secretary Sajid Javid: MP

    Secretary of State for the Home Department

    2 Marsham Street ,London

    SW1P 4DF



30 November 2018

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