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Kurdish Refugee body found 7 January in Bradford hotel returned back to Kurdistan

Mr Saman a 30 year old refugee who came to the UK 3 years ago was found dead in a hotel room in Bradford on 7 January.  IFIR was informed that Mr Saman had been experiencing serious mental health issues which led to him being put in a mental health hospital for 2 weeks.  He was released from the hospital on the 5 January.  Two days later he locked himself in a hotel room in Bradford where his body and was found several hours later.  Mr Saman’s death is still under investigation by the police

IFIR was contacted by Saman’s friends in the UK.  IFIR spoke to his parents who said they wanted their son’s body returned to them in Kurdistan. IFIR launched a collection with help from Saman’s friends to raise funds to ensure Saman’s body could be returned home.

Yesterday (Friday the 18th of January) IFIR Secretary Dashty Jamal alongside friends of Saman carried out Samans parent’s request that Saman’s body be returned home to Kurdistan.  Tomorrow Saman’s body will arrive at Erbil airport at 4.10 AM 

IFIR offers sincere condolences to Saman’s parents and thanks everyone who helped in making it possible to have Saman’s body returned to Kurdistan.

19 January 2019

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