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Avan’s murderer charged.

Avan had moved several times prior to her murder in Stoke in Trent to try and get away from her husband a failed asylum seeker.  Avan was found face down in her kitchen stabbed 33 times.  

Dana Abdullah pleaded guilty to Avan’s murder and was given a life sentence.  The Judge said he must serve a minimum term of 19 years and 60 days.  Dana planned Avan’s murder with precision.  He ordered a mini cab to Avan’s home telling the driver to return in one hour. 

 On leaving Avan dead he travelled first to Liverpool and then onto Glasgow.  On arriving in Glasgow 24 hours later he handed himself into a police station saying he was an asylum over stayer and wished to return voluntarily to Iraq.  Staffordshire police travelled down arrested Dana and charged him with Avan’s murder.

 The Trial Judge Chambers said prior to sentencing Dana said `You are not somebody of good character you chose to come back to this country illegally and have committed this very serious crime.  This was a planned and premeditated murder involving a brutal and sustained attack, knowing full wellthat it would deprive four children under the age of eight of their mother`.

 The Kurdish and Middle Eastern Women’s Organisation (KMEWO) and International Federation of Iraqi Refugees (IFIR have been in contact with Avan’s family since soon after this horrible crime was committed.  Both The International Federation or Iraqi Refugees (IFIR ) and The Kurdish and Middle Eastern Women’s Organisation (KMEWO) continue to support  Avan’s family .

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