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The displaced people of Iraq are in need of urgent and Immense humanitarian help !

Children and women displaced by the war in Iraq are in need your help.

A campaign for helping displaced people in Iraq

Freedom-loving and humanitarian people!

Refugee and humanitarian organisations!

Eleven years ago, a war broke out which not only toppled Saddam Hussein, but also damaged the entire society of Iraq, leaving its people in a dire situation. It paved the way for many sectarian, ethno-centric, Islamic and terroristic groups to emerge. Since then, we have seen these groups bathe the lives of ordinary citizens in blood as they pursue their conflicting interests. As a result of this conflict, millions of victims have either been maimed, displaced from their homes or killed. The cries of women, children, the elderly and those begging not to be executed are just some examples of the barbarity of those groups who think about nothing but gaining their inhumane aims.

The result of the recent fights of these gangs has been killings and displacement of thousands of people. Thousands of children, women and the old and the disabled are now expatriated and have fled to Kurdistan, fearing for their lives. They gled war and killings to live miserably under tents, in parks, school yards and mosques. They are deprived of basic needs and any social and health services. Hope for survival has been turned into a nightmare which ruins the dreams of children about going to school.

Before, the International Federation of Iraqi Refugees, together with Hana Group, launched a campaign for helping the Syrian displaced people. Fortunately, and because of your aid, we could supply clothing, milk, shoes and some other basic needs for some of the refugees. We ask you now to hear the voices of the teary-eyed children and all the Iraqi displaced. They need your humanitarian embrace.

Freedom-loving and humanitarian masses!

Humanity recognises no ethnic, national or ideological identity. An illness or a natural catastrophe does not know which skin colour, language, ethnicity, religion or ideology we have. It affects us all equally. So freedom, prosperity, happiness and safety must be in the forefront of our desires and perspectives. This is the thing that human beings nowadays need more than ever. You who protested against the war against Iraq and took to the streets can now be a support to the victims of war and devastation.

IFIR launches this campaign and we expect you to donate as much as you can – no amount is too small – to help us provide daily needs for them such as medicine, food, clothing and shelter. IFIR is a grassroots organisation run by its members – we have no paid staff and all the money you give will go directly to alleviating the hardship of those in need. We will be happy to show supporters where their money has gone.

Your aid will relieve the displaced children and ease the old and disabled people. By helping them, you show that you are with them and care about them.


Dashty Jamal,

On behalf of the International Federation of Iraqi Refugees-IFIR

Abroad, send your donations, with the reference “Displaced” to:

Account name: International Federation of Iraqi Refugees (IFIR)

Account number: 21449591

Bank name: HSBC

Sort code: 40-04-07


Or post your cheques, writing on it:

International Federation of Iraqi Refugees (IFIR)

Or use this paypal account, administered (for free) by the Edge Fund:


(Paypal takes a cut so please pay by bank transfer if possible)














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