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بانگه‌وازێک بۆ په‌نابه‌ران به‌شداری بکه‌ن له‌ خۆپیشاندانی ناره‌زایه‌تی بۆ داخستنی گرتوخانه‌ی مۆرتن هۆل

بانگه‌وازێک بۆ په‌نابه‌ران

به‌شداری بکه‌ن له‌ خۆپیشاندانی ناره‌زایه‌تی بۆ داخستنی گرتوخانه‌ی مۆرتن هۆل
رۆژی شه‌مه‌ 20/1/2018
کاتژمیر 10،30 به‌یانی پاس ئاماده‌کراوه‌ بۆ گه‌یاندنی په‌نابه‌ران و گه‌رانه‌وه‌یان له‌:outside Crucible Theatre opp. Victoria Hall Norfolk Street S1 2JB.
بۆ ئه‌وه‌ی جێگا بگریت ده‌توانن به‌ ئیمیل یان ته‌له‌فون یان تیکست بنیریت بۆ :John Grayson mob 07887 481355.
هیوای به‌شداری زوورترین په‌نابه‌ران له‌شاری شه‌فیلدو ده‌وروبه‌ری

National Demonstration: Shut Down Morton Hall Immigration Detention Centre, Swinderby, Lincoln LN6 9PT. Saturday 20th January. Four people have died at Morton Hall in the last year. People detained there have been on hunger strike. Refugees and their supporters will be asking why on January 20th.
Coach from Sheffield 10.30 a.m. outside Crucible Theatre opp. Victoria Hall Norfolk Street S1 2JB. Returning to Sheffield around 5pm. Book your place: or text/call John Grayson mob 07887 481355. Places are free but we’d welcome donations.Sheffield Transport flyer
Transport details from Nottingham here mh_flier_jan2018-1 (1) (1). There’s also transport from Manchester – info on the SYMAAG website
Read a full report of the protest at Morton Hall last March here
Inline image 1
Nariman, detained at Morton Hall telling us what it’s like inside when we demonstrated there last year.
Human Rights and Asylum Housing. Action Day Conference Saturday 24th February 10.30 (for 11 a.m. start) to 4 p.m. Discussing the £4 billion Government AASC (Asylum Accommodation and Support Services Contracts) from 2019 to 2029. Various Parliamentary Committees have confirmed what asylum tenants know only too well – that G4S and Serco asylum housing is “disgraceful” “unacceptable”. SYMAAG helped make the film The Asylum Market last year showing how G4S intimidate tenants who complain but it looks like the Government is happy to see them take more taxpayers money to provide slum housing for asylum tenants. We want to stop them. This conference will discuss how. The Sanctuary, Chapel Walk, Sheffield S1 2PD, opposite Crucible Theatre 10 mins walk from bus/train stations. This event is free but please let us know if intend to come as places are limited. Email us at
More details and briefing document attached
Don’t let a lack of money stop you coming to SYMAAG events. Bring your ticket to t event and we can reimburse you in cash for reasonable travel expenses. Or contact us in advance.
Email: SYMAAG website: Twitter @symaag and on Facebook as symaag person
Stuart Crosthwaite
Secretary, South Yorkshire Migration and Asylum Action Group (SYMAAG)

Dashty Jamal
International Federation of Iraqi Refugees-IFIR
Tel:07856032991 Fax:08712664391

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